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Summary of Church Events

Sunday Worship service is at 10:15 AM to Noon

Monday Night prayer is at 6PM

Charged Mens Ministry at 6:45

Wednesday night Program with meal starts at 6PM to 8PM

Listen and Repent

Read Jeremiah 25:1–38; 42:1–22; 45:1–5

Published: Jul 28, 2017

What does God do when His children reject His Word? For twenty-three years, Jeremiah prophesied to the rebellious people of Judah, but they paid no attention. And it wasn’t just Jeremiah. God sent several prophets, each warning the people to turn from their evil. God promised that if they did so, He would allow them to stay in the land forever. Instead, the children of God followed false gods and worshiped idols. God’s patience and long-suffering reached its limit.

“This whole country will become a desolate wasteland, and these nations will serve the king of Babylon seventy years” (Jeremiah 25:11).

God declared desolation for the land and captivity for the people. They would live under the rule of Babylon. But God set a limit on the discipline He would impose. After seventy years, the exile would end and the people would return. However, the punishment for Babylon would be everlasting desolation.

Prayer Suggestion: Dear God, let me receive Your discipline, but save me from Your judgment.

Quicklook: Jeremiah 25:6–12


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